Custom made drum samples created by Julian Rodriguez and Robert Platz, within the confines of Parallel Focus Studios.

Parallel Focus Studio's drum samples are here! These sample sets are designed for producers looking for a modern metal/rock tone. These samples are all custom made and slightly EQ'd to create perfectly balanced and well rounded drum tones. These sets are great to use by themselves or for layering in a mix. All samples were used on actual productions in the studio!

Each drum kit includes:
Snare Drum: 3 Velocity hits (Hard-Soft-Medium), 4-5 Distinct hits per velocity
Kick Drum: 3 Velocity hits (Hard-Soft-Medium), 4-5 Distinct hits per velocity
Toms: 2-3 Toms per kit, 3 Velocity hits (Hard-Soft-Medium), 4-5 Distinct hits per velocity

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Elitist Drum Kit: A unique, thick, and punchy drum kit (taken from the Between the Balance EP).
Butter Drum Kit: An attacking and aggressive sounding drum kit.
Legendary Kit: The essence of a massive and punchy rock/metal drum kit.
Metal Patch: Heavy Axe-fx Ultra patch used for multiple projects at PF Studios.
Clean Patch: An elegant and pretty sounding clean Axe-fx Ultra guitar patch.
Bass Drops: Twelve custom bass drops including 2 cinematic FX.