Our drum sample packs come loaded chock full of dynamics & distinct hits. Each kit contains: Hard, Medium, and Soft hits, & 5 distinct hits for each drum. This system allows for a incredibly smooth, natural & non-programmed sound. All kits come with .wav files to drag-n-drop into any sampler or DAW, .gog files for drumagog 5 users, and .tci files for slate trigger users. Oh… and we have some guitar tones too…



The whole kit & caboodle (no pun intended). Utilize all our drum packs to create your very own legacy. This is the ultimate producer bundle.

ROCK KIT ($30)

The pinnacle of that modern rock live kit sound. The Rock Kit carves its way through even the densest of choruses.


An angry and persistent modern drum kit that will knife its way through any mix. Great as a standalone or blended with other tones.

808 KIT ($10)

Other tenants may think they are in an active war zone. These dangerous 808s & FX will have an even more massive impact on your mix.


A subdued yet articulate drum kit that transcends genre. The Indie Kit complements a wide array of sounds from commercial music, to rock and funk.


Two of our most frequently used and most cherished Kemper guitar amp profiles. One dirty and one clean.